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Technical Support

Plug-and-Play Internet Access

All you need to get connected is to obtain a username and password from the front desk, power up your laptop computer and launch a browser.

If you have a:

  1. Laptop with Standard Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless Ethernet capability.
    Great! You'll soon be online. Just follow these steps:
  1. Set your SSID to: guestvelocity (all one word, all lower case)
  2. Confirm WEP is disabled
  1. Laptop without built-in wireless, with a standard Ethernet port.
  1. The front desk can supply you with a wireless Ethernet bridge.
  2. Plug bridge into your laptop.
  3. Power laptop "on" and you will be authenticated on to the network.

What is a wireless Ethernet card?

A wireless Ethernet card is a network card that supports the Wi-Fi (802.11) wireless standard, a widely used system for wireless Internet.

Wi-Fi (802.11) cards are available for PC and Mac platforms from many computer retailers. The Apple Mac wireless Internet card is called an "AirPort" card.

Enjoy one of today's hottest technologies - right here, right now!

You can drive up occupancy to your hotel by offering high-speed Internet access. This service appeals to high-tech business travelers who already use "hotspot" locations in airports, coffee shops, book stores, etc.

High-tech business travelers are using wireless "hotspot" locations throughout the country. Offer high-speed Internet access to your hotel guests and drive your occupancy rates up!

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