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About Us

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Company History & Timeline: 1994 - Today

WorldSpice Technologies, located at White Station Tower in the heart of Memphis, is the city's oldest locally owned ISP with over 4,000 customers. WorldSpice is a leading broadband access solutions company providing comprehensive high-speed Internet solutions to businesses through out the Mid-South. Our wide variety of Internet services, aimed primarily at the business sector, include T3s, T1s, DSL, ISDN, wireless, frame relay, web hosting, and server co-location.

The principals of the company, Paul Tomes and Blake Weber, are a perfect match for success. With Paul's background in mathematics and engineering and Blake's business and finance background, the company continues to grow and prosper. Guided by the philosophy that excellent customer service and technical savvy are the highest priority, and coupled with the latest Internet technology, WorldSpice continues to provide superior and proven solutions for businesses.


Veteran Internet entrepreneurs Paul and Keith Tomes start WorldSpice in a room in Paul's home in Midtown Memphis. Paul's mathematics and engineering background give him the idea to configure a Unix server to allow friends and family to use dial-up connections to access the Internet using his two phone lines. At this time, they were pioneers of the Internet service provider market and were one of only two companies in Memphis that provided Internet service.


Internet Connection Services (ICS) is started with 10 phone lines by Michael Powell in Cordova, TN.


Blake Weber and Steve Rodgers purchase ICS and form Webnet Memphis to fulfill the need for dependable Internet service in the greater Memphis area.


Tomes and Weber meet on "Internet Talk," a local radio show, and soon after the two companies began sharing office space and bandwidth. At this time the companies move into a storefront space in White Station Tower.


Webnet Memphis forms the Memphis Regional Exchange Point to interconnect the Memphis Internet community.


Webnet Memphis and WorldSpice begin to offer T3 connections via the Memphis Regional Exchange Point.


In August of 2000, the two companies merge under the name of WorldSpice Technologies. Around that same time, WorldSpice adds office space on the 17th floor of the building.


The company acquires 3 smaller ISP customers: T-Net, Vantek, and Synapse. The company continues to flourish.

At a time when other ISPs are struggling, WorldSpice continues to grow and prosper because of our emphasis on customer service with superior technical support for residential and business clients. Loss of Internet connectivity can translate to a loss of income for a business. When technical problems arise, we persevere until our customers are satisfied. We've even worked with other vendors on their problems. This dedication to personalized customer satisfaction has made us successful through the years and will continue to do so in years to come.

Our strength is our service. Whether you need a single dialup access account or Internet access across your wide area network (WAN), WorldSpice has the experience and technical knowledge to get you online. If you're tired of busy telephone lines, speaking to a different person every time you call for support, empty talk, and broken promises, give us a call. We're confident that you'll find our honesty and professionalism a refreshing change.

High-speed Internet access in your hotel will add an important and valuable amenity for your guests.

Business travelers typically are early adopters of new technology, especially technologies that make life on the road more productive. High-speed Internet access is what's hot--right now.

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