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Point of Sale Materials

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. GuestVelocity provides customers with point of sale materials upon installation. In turn, we pride ourselves in eagerly providing the support to stimulate sales and promote awareness of this popular amenity. The first set of POS materials are complimentary when service is installed, and additional materials can be ordered at any time.

The POS materials offered include:

Front Desk Brochures (3.34" x 8.5")

  • Front desk personnel give these brochures to the guests.
  • Instructions for use are provided on back of brochure, along with a username and password.

In-Room Brochures (3.5" x 5")

  • These brochures, presented in acrylic sign holders, remind guests in every room that the service is available. These are available with text that reads "complimentary to all guests" as well as text that reads "$9.95 per night."

Front Lobby Sign (8.5" x 10")

  • Presented in an acrylic sign holder, this sign will alert guests upon arrival that the service is available.

Front Desk Brochure
(front and back)

In-Room Brochure

Lobby Sign

Hoteliers can purchase these POS materials via any of these options:

To attract today's sophisticated business traveler, it is essential to offer your guests an efficient, plug-and-play, high-speed Internet access solution.

Due to the decrease in room demand since 9/11, hotels must compete harder for business travelers. High-speed Internet access is a definite differentiator.

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